Flexiglass lays claim to creating the first fibreglass vehicle canopy way back in 1956 and has since grown to become a true powerhouse of the industry.

Flexiglass canopy

Flexiglass was born in Western Australia in 1949 when Harry Robins saw the first Holden car and identified the need for a station wagon. He created his first canopy using a steam bent timber frame and sheet metal panels and, in 1956, he designed the first ever fibreglass canopy.

This first canopy was years ahead of its time, and today Flexiglass’ range combines style and functionality across a variety of vehicles to meet the diverse needs of its consumer base.  Flexiglass has dedicated Flexiglass fitment centres and a broad distributor network across Australia, and it remains one of Australia’s most recognised brands in the vehicle canopy market.

An Australian Icon

Flexiglass canopies can be found across Australia in every ute make and model imaginable. The company’s long history and innovative range of canopy designs and functions has seen Flexiglass grow from a small-time family business into the recognised Australian brand that it is today.

Flexiglass Canopies

Having pioneered the first commercially recognised vehicle canopy in 1949, Flexiglass are Australia's oldest and longest serving canopy supplier. Always at the forefront of design and technology and with a range of products to suit most applications, Flexiglass are one of Australia's most trusted canopy manufacturers.

Flexiglass Service bodys

The FlexiWork service body features a smooth high-gloss finish and a raised roof for maximum storage. The main body is constructed using fibreglass and the tray is aluminium, making it a durable and functional service body that's ideal for commercial use.

Flexiglass Trays

Flexiglass' range of trays boast a tough yet lightweight aluminium body, drop-sides and rear tailgate for easy tray access. Its range of features, including a 63mmØ tubing headboard, full safety mesh and load stoppers provide strength and safety that makes it ready to use in mining and construction applications.